Brežice – Slovenia

Welcome to Brežice - where bread, wine and salami have their own event

Brežice is a sustainable destination in Slovenia with a rich natural and cultural heritage, full of folk traditions and customs. The soil and climate of the area have historically provided ideal conditions for the development of viticulture, which has thus become part of our culture. In recent years, interest in preserving this tradition among young people has waned. Many vineyards throughout Slovenia have begun to wither away, left to become overgrown or even cut down by their owners. At Destination Brežice, we want to see sustainable management of our destination, which includes preserving the image of the local landscape, which is largely represented by vineyards, and preserving the culture of growing grapes and processing them into wine. To help achieve this, we have launched the Bread, Wine and Salami Day event to encourage young people to preserve their family vineyards, join wine-growing societies and thus bring local communities together. Over the years, the event has become a tradition and is well attended by both participants (winegrowers, wine-growers’ associations, tourist boards, bread bakers, local music and dance groups) and visitors from near and far.

Keywords: local events; culinary, traditions; wine; stakeholder engagement; community participation

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