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Empowering destination practitioners and DMOs through tools and coaching to address your destination’s most pressing challenges in destination management and sustainability

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About our Support Program

Who is this program for?

Destinations, National and Regional DMOs


Depending on the size of the destination

Green Destinations Support are services that enable destinations to measure and assess various aspects of sustainability performance to better inform formulation and implementation of tourism policies and strategies. We also offer the opportunity for destinations to be guided by our network of tourism and sustainability experts.

Green Destinations Tools for Destinations

Measure and assess various aspects of sustainability performance to better inform tourism policies and strategies.

Green Destinations Coaching for Destinations

A series of live online one-on-one and group sessions on a specific topic, with each session addressing specific elements of the topic. Coaching is done by a Green Destinations program manager or licensed representative.


Top 100 Application Support

Deliver a strong application to the Top 100 Stories competition, with both a strong destination self-assessment and a compelling Good Practice Story

KPIs for Destination Sustainability and Monitoring

Destination key performance indicators (KPIs) are not one-size-fits-all. Be guided in identifying relevant and appropriate KPIs for your destination to improve decision-making, policy formulation, assessing tourism impacts, and action planning.

Tourism Impact Assessment

Be guided in analysing tourism-related impacts on your destination’s natural, cultural, social and economic resources and environments. 

Engaging Your Business Sector

Developing and ensuring a sustainable destination is not possible without the active involvement of the private sector.

SDGs and Global Sustainability Standards

Identifying the main strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of your destination in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the GSTC Standard, the Green Destination Standard and the Future of Tourism Coalition’s Guiding Principles, with the latest insights on tourism reset, destination regeneration, transformation and recovery.

Patice Talaue
Patice Talaue

Training and Support Manager

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