Efeler Yolu Culture Route – Turkey

Follow the footsteps of Efes by witnessing the cultural richness of Efeler Yolu Culture Route

The Efeler Yolu Culture Route is a cultural route that connects the villages and plateaus in the mountains of İzmir, carries the traces of many civilizations, and hosts a rich ecosystem. The general purpose of the Efeler Yolu Culture Route is to trigger sustainable holistic rural development in the region by ensuring that the region’s natural, historical, and cultural riches are protected and evaluated. Thus, it creates a socio-economic development in the local geography. The region has a unique cultural heritage since it has hosted different civilizations since ancient times. The Efeler Yolu Culture Route passes through 28 villages and has a length of 500 km. In addition, the Efeler Yolu Culture Route offers the opportunity to learn about the historical and cultural heritage of the region while exploring a rich ecosystem with the caravan routes used by many civilizations in the historical process.

Keywords: cultural preservation ; hiking ; stakeholders ; cooperation ; local products , community based

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