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We offer national tourism boards, ministries and other organisations to benefit from the lessons learned from this approach in a rapidly increasing number of countries.

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About Green Destinations Integrated Program for Countries & Regions

We offer national tourism boards, ministries and other organisations to benefit from the lessons learned from this approach in a rapidly increasing number of countries. This program enables countries to adopt the Green Destinations’ Award & Certification Program (ACP) for all interested destinations, incorporate their own language, management, customisation and even branding.

This allows countries to benefit from a GSTC-Accredited certification program and a GSTC-Recognised standard for destination sustainability while offering tailor-made training as well as promotional support to destinations and businesses through the Good Travel Guide and the new Good Travel Seal business certification.


While COVID-19 has faced the tourism sector with an unprecedented challenge, the climate crisis is expected to become no less problematic in view of its long-term impacts and the necessity to look and plan far ahead. However, we have learned that sustainability is not a problem to be solved, but a future to be created together.

Creating this future requires a common vision and a roadmap to ensure progress based on leadership, mutual learning and innovation. Green Destinations Integrated Program aims to offer to national and regional tourism organisations, destinations and business leaders.


Create your own sustainability scheme

The objective is to assist countries and regions to develop a comprehensive program to make their tourism sector more sustainable, following the successful models implemented by Slovenia, Estonia, and other countries.

Each National/Regional DMO can create and implement their own tailor-made program with the guidance of Green Destinations partners, advisors and ‘senior’ members of the Global Leaders network.

Members may compose their own scheme choosing from the following elements.


Aims to enable more efficient and effective implementation of sustainability assessment and support tools; or branding it as a national/regional scheme.

  • Baseline Assessment of relevant sustainability policies and regulations
  • Translation of assessment and support tools in local language
  • Customisation of sustainability guidance and training content to local contexts
  • Brand your own tourism sustainability scheme
Sustainability assessment & recognition

Stakeholders can assess their sustainability, obtain recognition and follow recommendations for improvements.

  • Top 100 competition
  • GD Award & Certification
  • Tourism business certification
Traning & Learning

Is available in online and on-site formats; with special attention to learning from ‘senior’ Global Leaders members by paying a field visit and exchange experiences

  • Top 100 training
  • ACP training (general and thematic workshops)
  • Local Auditor training (destination & business certification)
  • Study tours to ‘senior’ GL members

Aims to assist members in making participation and sponsorship of Global Leaders and Green Destinations events, also enables the members to boost their profile as Global Leaders

  • Good Travel Guide and Promotional Packages
  • Sponsorship of Global Leaders and Green Destinations Events and programs

Roadmap to sustainability leadership

To develop and implement the scheme, we will develop a ‘roadmap’ to introduce the scheme step-by-step with support from the Green Destinations partnership.


Initial analysis of the national/regional needs, setting up targets, working plan and teamwork.

Preparation & Setting-up

Set up working groups, customise platform and tools. Selection of destinations, businesses and relevant stakeholders.

Traning Mission

Building capacities among stakeholders in online and on-site training and workshops. Optional field visit to Global Leader countries to learn from their experience.

Destination Assessment

Pilot destinations prepare applications for Top 100 Destination Sustainable Stories and Green Destinations Awards and Certification Program.

Tourism Business Assessment

Pilot businesses prepare applications for the Good Travel Seal.

Promote Achievements

Building a national or regional brand for sustainable tourism and rewarding achievements with Awards and Certification.

Feedback & Assessment

Analysis of pilot results, development of a dedicated procedure for implementing the scheme; continuous follow-up ‘help desk’ support.

Our Global Leaders Network

The Global Leaders Network brings together the experience and expertise of countries, regions and the Green Destinations partnership. 

Global Leaders Members & Key Observers

Maja Pak
Maja Pak

Slovenia Tourism Board, Slovenia

Jana Apih
Jana Apih

GoodPlace, Slovenia

Imbi Lepik-Martinson
Imbi Lepik-Martinson

Enterprise Estonia, Estonia

Sérgio Alves
Sérgio Alves

Chairman of DEL Institute, Brazil

Andreas Dohle
Andreas Dohle

Project manager RedeDEL Turismo, Brazil

Elissa Keenan
Elissa Keenan

Chief Executive Ecotourism Australia, Australia

Teresa Ferreira
Teresa Ferreira

Turismo de Portugal, Portugal

Ahmet Aras
Ahmet Aras

Mayor of Bodrum, Turkey

Masaru Takayama
Masaru Takayama

Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN)

Founding Declaration

Global Leaders - Founding Picture

Signing of the Global Leaders Founding Declaration

The Founding Declaration has been signed by the fifty invited experts at the first Global Leaders Conference, 25-26 September 2018 in the Dutch city of Arnhem, hosted by the Province of Gelderland.

The first Global Leaders Conference was hosted by the Provincial Government of Gelderland and attended a.o. by the National Tourism Boards of the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Guyana and by Ecotourism Australia. Through this program, Green Destinations is preparing and implementing work programs in a series of countries through bilateral cooperation and by involving Green Destinations experts and trainers from all around the world.

The Global Leader Members and Partners are committed to being at the forefront of innovation in developing tourism, managing tourism impacts, enhancing the benefits, quality and sustainability of their tourism offer.

The initiative was inspired by the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017. It has been submitted and registered as a Voluntary Partnership for the Sustainable Development Goals. The network will also enable destinations to monitor progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Slovenia Green - Logo

The Global Leaders Program initiative started in 2018, inspired by the success of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism which was implemented since 2015 under the leadership of the Slovenian Tourist Board. Supported by GoodPlace and Green Destinations, the program aimed to feature Slovenia as the world’s most sustainable tourism destination.

Some of the achievements since the implementation of the program:

  • 54 Slovenia Green Destinations
  • 36% of municipalities awarded
  • 78 % of tourist who visit sustainable destinations

The Slovenia Green Scheme expanded its scope and developed standards to award accommodations, parks, travel agencies, attractions, cuisine and beaches.

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