Kamaishi – Japan

Creating a Disaster Prevention Culture Community by Developing Training Programs with the Locals

Kamaishi City established the “Memory Keeper of the Great Earthquake Disaster System” in 2019. A certification system for guiding personnel who pass on the events of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 011 and the lessons learned from the disaster to future generations. However, the system faced a challenge due to the passage of 12 years since the disaster. As the memoeries of the disaster faded away, it became difficult to secure human resources to engage the system and maintain their motivation. A local DMO, Kamaishi DMC, has secured financial resources through “training programs” involving local businesses in tsunami disaster prevention and selling those training programs to large corporations. This has allowed local human resources to be hired for the long term.

Keywords: japan, natural disaster, tsunami, earthquake, training local culture , safety

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