Nazaré – Portugal

Riding the Wave of Success: Nazaré’s Journey to Beach Excellence

Considered by many as the most typical beach in Portugal, it enchants visitors with its natural beauty. The mild climate, the friendly and hospitable people, the magnificent light, the traditions and the fishing arts made Nazaré the muse of painters and artists, celebrated all over the world. However, the path to get to where it is was not easy. Going back to the 20th century, the beach and sea of Nazaré were often associated with suffering, uncertainty and death. Over time, the village of Nazaré gained an extraordinary reputation and, as mentioned before, is now a modern and lively town, known internationally, thanks to the dedicated work of the town council, specially after 2018, which is considered to be a turning point for the current results to have been possible. Embark with us on this transformative journey that has improved Praia da Nazaré and transformed it into one of best beaches in Portugal. This transformation includes the preservation of culture and traditions, several certification programs, protection of the sea and, last but not least, the incredible transformation in terms of accessibility for people with some kind of imparity.

Keywords: beach, fishing heritage ; traditions ; recovery ; beach protection

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