2024 Green Destinations Top 100 Stories Competition

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About Top 100 Stories

Every year Green Destinations publishes its Top 100 Stories list, which is shared and promoted globally. The Top 100 list aims to represent destinations from around the world, telling their story, sharing their experience and successes in sustainable tourism, and inspiring other destinations, businesses, and travellers. After registration, participants will have access to:

  • The Green Destinations Top 100 training
  • Step 1: Sustainability check
  • Step 2: Good Practice Story submission (if eligible).


Interested in getting an extra application support? (+ 175€‎ or 350€‎)

Our support service is designed to guide you throughout your entire competition journey. It is aimed to help you deliver a strong application to the Top 100 Stories competition: both in creating a comprehensive destination self-assessment and writing a compelling Good Practice Stories. The program consists of one-on-one supervision and coaching on both your Sustainability Check and Good Practice Story with Green Destinations’ Training Program Manager, Patice Talaue.  During the duration of the supervision and coaching, you will be continuously guided and given feedback on the following throughout the competition preparation:

  • Quality and appropriateness of your reporting to the core criteria of the GD Standard
  • Good Practice Story selection, development, and editing, including assistance with the English language when needed


  • + 350 euros (excl VAT) for high income countries
  • + 175 euros (excl VAT) for low income countries (make sure to add coupon at checkout to have the discounted price)

For further inquiries about the Top 100 Application Support, please do not hesitate to contact Patice Talaue. GD Training and Support Program Manager patice@greendestinations.org

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