Foundations of Sustainable Tourism Destination Management

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About the training

Positive change and impactful initiatives in tourism destination management always start with awareness of the industry’s sustainability principles. Learn about the foundational principles of sustainability and tourism and equip practical tools that help shape successful sustainable tourism destinations.

By the end of the course, participants are expected to:

  • Understand the essential tenets of sustainable tourism and destination management;
  • Be familiar with relevant sustainability and tourism issues and trends;
  • Recognise the role of destination marketing and management organisations in facilitating sustainable tourism development;
  • Equip simple, adaptable tools to help implement sustainable tourism initiatives in your destinations.


Training Content


Module 1: Foundations of Sustainable Tourism

Focuses on establishing a mindset for how destination managers can implement sustainable tourism. It delves into the core concepts of tourism, sustainability, and systems thinking.


Module 2: Sustainable Destination Management in Practice

Looks into the practical approaches to different elements of managing tourism destinations with sustainability in mind.


Module 3: Helpful Tools Guide

Introduces helpful tools that destination managers and practitioners can easily adapt to your destination’s core needs for effectively managing your destination towards sustainability.



The course is priced at € 180,00 (exc. VAT).

To qualify for a professional digital certificate in Foundations of Sustainable Tourism Destination Management, you must obtain a passing grade in the certification exam for an additional € 40,00 (exc. VAT). To add this, make sure to select ‘ Add Exam’ on the options for this course.


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