Šaleška Valley – Slovenia

Mysteries of submerged villages – Sail on precious pieces of the Šaleška Valley’s past

The boutique 5 star experience at Šaleška Valley, with the Coal Mining Museum, Sailing on Velenje lake, virtual diving into the past and culinary experience on the overlook Vista. The experience takes approximately 4 hours. At the start the guests are greeted in front of The Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia by a tour guide miner. 160 meters underground the visitors watch a digital presentation of the sinking surface and village. After they finish with the tour, they are awaited by a boat on the shore of the Lake Velenje. In the middle of the lake they put on the VR Glasses and experience a virtual dive into lost villages. After returning to shore, visitors can discover the edges of Šalek valley from the overlook Vista, where they will experience a culinary conclusion with selected local treats.

Keywords: digital experience, cultural heritage, VR, educational tourism, mining

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