Toucheng Leisure Farm – Taiwan

“Green Kitchen” Connects Tourists with Local Eco-friendly Farmers

Toucheng Leisure Farm was founded in 1979. Rich in natural resources, it is situated near the forest, the ocean, and the river in Yilan County, Taiwan. A challenge was tourists’ reluctance to pay a premium for locally produced goods, which made it hard for the farm to support the local agricultural and fishing industries. In response, the farm initiated the Green Kitchen Project. Its threefold mission includes advocating for “eat local” principles, promoting sustainable farming, and bolstering the local agricultural and fishing sectors. The project commences with a meal featuring locally sourced ingredients, followed by an immersive agricultural tour, allowing guests to engage directly with farmers and fishermen, gaining insights into their practices and challenges.

Keywords: Agri-tourism, Business & Marketing, Environmental Stewardship, Community Engagement, Local sourcing

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