Urubici – Brazil

Urubici on the way to sustainability

Urubici is a municipality in Serra Catarinense that stands out for the advance of tourism in recent years. The city has approximately 5000 beds, in more than 1000 accommodation facilities, of which 40 are family-run accommodation. Surrounded by fascinating nature, 90% of the local attractions are aimed at experiencing nature, through contemplative, scenographic, ecotourism and adventure tourism. Tourism arrives with strength not only as a provider of demand for these attractions and means of accommodation, but also as a promoter of development for the city. With the advent of the pandemic, nature tourism in the Serra region emerged very quickly and this demand, although positive, caused the movement of tourists and development to be disorderly and required the creation of new guidelines for the development of tourist activity in a sustainable way. Organized in compliance with legislation and adoption of sustainable practices to contribute to a developed and sustainable city.

Keywords: adventure tourism, nature , sustainable development , ecotourism , pandemic

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