Yoron Island – Japan

Protecting and using the Island's Local Resources through Starlight Tourism

Tourism on Yoron Island is centered on marine leisure activities, with visitors being concentrated in the summer season. In order to promote tourism, it was necessary to create contents other than marine leisure activities, attract visitors during the off-season, and increase visitor satisfaction and tourism consumption. In collaboration with Wakayama University, starry sky tourism was promoted as a new tourism attraction. To build momentum among local residents and fostering star guides, the project is also working on measures to prevent light pollution in order to protect an environment conducive to star gazing. In addition, local astronomy culture is being unearthed and utilized in tours to differentiate the area and make it more appealing. As a result, the number of tour guide businesses increased, creating new economic value. Light pollution countermeasures were implemented and the beautiful starry sky environment, a local resource, was protected.

Keywords: astronomy; astrological tourism; natural tourism; light pollution, seasonality

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