About Us


We work for the benefit of the Green Destinations Community: destinations, representatives, and stakeholders.


Who are we

Green Destinations is a global organization created in the Netherlands to support sustainable destinations, their businesses and their communities.

Green Destinations’ core programs, the GD Awards and Certification Program for destinations, the Good Travel Program for businesses and the Top 100 Sustainability Stories are the main pillars of a country-wide stewardship approach that we have developed and piloted in Slovenia, Estonia, Australia, Brazil and Guyana.

Green Destinations developed a support program including over 40 assessment and reporting tools, including training courses.

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Our core values



Supporting the authentic celebration of local culture and tradition.


Responsible & Respectful

Avoiding exploitation of people in tourism, and preventing disruptive mass tourism (overtourism).


Economically sustainable

Involving the local business community and enhancing local community employment.


Environment & Climate-friendly

Combatting the climate crisis, environmental degradation and pollution, whilst ensuring public health.


Nature & Scenery friendly

Protecting scenic views, landscapes, natural habitats and wildlife..

Our Statement on Peace, Universal Human Rights and Justice

Green Destinations believes that peace, universal human rights and social and environmental justice are fundamental pillars of sustainable tourism.

Violation of these values are prohibitive for tourism sustainability.

Green Destinations wishes to guarantee that all destinations and businesses that are in Green Destinations related certification and support programs respect these fundamental values.

Therefore, Green Destinations will deny, suspend or terminate any cooperation with tourism entities that are supporting, owned by or directly linked to governments who are responsible for foreign military occupation and the violation of human rights and environmental destruction.

Our Policies & Procedures

Our values are developed in the form of policies and procedures that enable us to put them into practice. These are:

Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Sexual Abuse and Harassment (SEAH)
Green Destinations is committed to creating a safe and secure environment that is free from sexual harassment and violence. Our SEAH policy outlines the measures we will take to ensure that any form of sexual harassment or violence is not accepted or tolerated. By taking a proactive stance, we aim to prevent it from escalating.
GD Policy on the Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Sexual Abuse and Harassment (SEAH) – Jan 2024/PDF