Koh Mak – Thailand

Koh Mak, The Journey to become the first low carbon destination in Thailand

To face the common environmental challenges linked to a persistent growth in the number of tourists, the island of Koh Mak has been making great efforts to become the first “Low Carbon Destination” in Thailand for almost ten years now. With all the public and private sector being fully involved in the process, an impressive number of environmentally-friendly activities have been pushed all around the destination, together with the accomplishment of many headways in the use of digital technologies, advanced research in the field of carbon sequestration, and the production of supporting equipment from recyclable sources.

Keywords: Solid waste reduction, Waste disposal, Reducing energy consumption, Responding to climate risks, Climate change information Developing sustainable tourism Low Carbon destination, journey to become low carbon, Zero-waste, Raising awareness, Protecting resources, Stakeholder contribution

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