Savoy Hotel Manila – Philippines

WeSave - Empowering Sustainability and Transforming Lives in the Heart of Pasay City

Nestled within Manila, Savoy Hotel Manila emerges as an entity with a mission far beyond business operations. Standing in Pasay City, a pulsating hub within, where high-rise residences, bustling offices, and four airport terminals converge. Pasay City showcases its impressive development, coexisting with images of informal settlements along rivers affected by pollution. This pollution, primarily originating from waste and garbage, weaves an intricate pattern throughout the urban scenery.

Savoy Hotel Manila addresses these issues with a Sustainability program, aptly named WeSave, nurturing recycling consciousness. The aim is simple yet profound: cultivate environmental stewardship.

Keywords: Food recycling, Environmental Conservation, Environmental Stewardship, Community Engagement, Carbon footprint reduction, Business & Marketing

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