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Pre-conference Tours and Field Trips- Oct 7

Pärnu - Environment and Traditions

Day tour

Sat, 7 Oct, 10:00 – 18:00
Description: Pärnu is Estonia’s ultimate summer holiday destination and attracts holidaymakers with its large sandy beach. The city bike tour (optional) to the beach area including the coastal meadow hiking trail and a boat trip to the fishing village, lunch and, a visit to tour, Pernova Nature House.

Lahemaa & Rakvere: Thriving community & Culture and Traditions

2 Days trip

Sat, 7 Oct, 12:00 – Sun, 8 Oct, 15:00
Description: Lahemaa National Park showcases pristine nature and a thriving community; Rakvere combines medieval ruins, urban comforts, and alternative culture near the scenic coast.

Pre-conference Tours – Oct 8

Lahemaa: Thriving Community

Day tour

Sun, 8 Oct, 10:00 – 16:00
Description: Lahemaa National Park: A treasure trove of pristine nature, diverse landscapes, rich heritage, and a thriving community.

Post-conference Field Trips – Oct 11 – 12

Järvamaa, Soomaa Np & Pärnu City: Environment and Traditions

2 Days trip

Wed, 11 Oct, 09:00 – Thu, 12 Oct, 17:00
Description: Immerse in Järvamaa’s dairy tour and a curd snack (“kohuke” in Estonian) workshop, Türi community centre, eco-dining, then dicover Soomaa’s UNESCO-listed dugout boat tradition, zero-waste cider farm, bogshoeing, and last but not least a bike tour in Pärnu.

Hiiumaa & Saaremaa islands: Culture and Traditions

2 Days trip

Wed, 11 Oct, 09:00 // Thu, 12 Oct, 15:00
Description: Explore UNESCO biosphere islands: Hiiumaa, with preserved nature, diverse landscapes, and historical lighthouses, and Saaremaa, with sustainable travel efforts and enhanced marine environment.

Post-conference Tours – Oct 12

Tartu: The European Capital of Culture 2024

Day tour

Date and Time: Thu, 12 Oct, 09:00 – 18:00
Description: Experience Tartu, Estonia’s intellectual and cultural capital, a technology hub, and a green city with a focus on sustainability.


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