Castro Daire – Portugal

Reviving Tradition: The Last Route of Transhumance in Castro Daire

The municipality of Castro Daire has always lived from livestock and nature, thus shepherds and cattle have always been present in the past of this destination. The presence of these two elements resulted in a unique connection during the Transhumance. This was a practice done by the shepherds and the animals, which moved with the seasons, i.e., they exchanged places between winter and summer pastures and vice-versa. In this sense and given the importance of keeping alive the traditions and memories of local communities, an event was created that recreates exactly the last route that was done, which was named “The Last Transhumance Route”. Arised from this event, other initiatives were put in place to promote local culture and traditions. You are about to embark on a journey through the lands of Castro Daire, where cattle and people leave their homes to welcome you!

Keywords: transhumance; pastoralism; local culture; ancient traditions; rural Destinations; authentic experiences

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