Islas Cavinzas e Islotes Palomino – Peru

United for conservation: results of a joint and articulated work for the development of sustainable tourism in the Cavinzas Islands and Palomino Islets

Prior to the regulation of tourist activities, the destination was faced with a lack of control over tourist boats that entered the Cavinzas Islands and Palomino Islets, causing disturbance to wildlife due to the lack of rules of conduct. Coordinated work between the public and private sectors has made it possible to implement measures to regulate tourist activities, with the following measures being implemented: Registration of the number of visitors, to control the number of people entering the destination. More specific zoning of the protected natural area to avoid possible impacts on fauna. Charging entrance fees to the protected natural area for the use of the landscape resource, which contributes to its conservation and allows monitoring of tourism activity. Granting of contracts to operators that comply with the established requirements (formalization), which regulate their activity and guarantee that they comply with the rules of conduct, thus turning them into allies of conservation. Involving local stakeholders was essential in developing documents to manage the protected natural area. The destination coordinated with various institutions to strengthen the management and control of tourism activities on the islands. As a result, we have been able to improve the management of tourism activities, which benefits the conservation of the protected area and promotes sustainable tourism, leading to recognitions such as the Safe Travels stamp for a safe destination.

Keywords: tourism monitoring, stakeholder engagement, conservation, coastal wildlife protection

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