Amarante – Portugal

Andar no Laréu - Using an Itinerant Event as a Tourism Decentralizer

The territory of Amarante has an enormous tourist potential, especially culturaly and historicaly. This has generated a very positive impact on the city. However, despite the positive influx of tourists, the truth is that tourist activity is concentrated in the city center, inevitably leading to a neglect of small localities. There is effectively little cultural visibility in these peripheral areas, which leads to the loss of traditions. This is an increasingly common phenomenon that we are witnessing and, in this sense, it was important for Amarante to find a solution to mitigate this problem and keep alive the pride and traditions of its communities, giving them a voice and the opportunity to show their identity. And the solution came in the form of an initerant event called “Andar no Laréu”! This event came with the goal of valuing the local identity of the villages of Amarante through the experience of local traditions, the promotion of local associativism and the involvement of the community. This good practice was implemented through a set of initiatives, which resulted in a great success!

Keywords: cooperation ; rural ; economy ; traditions ; event

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