Aqaba – Jordan

Reconciliation with nature - the Aqaba Bird Observatory

In the enchanting southern city of Aqaba, where the dazzling Red Sea kisses the shore, lies a hidden ecological gem known as the Aqaba Bird Observatory (ABO). Nestled in this coastal paradise, known as a bottleneck location connecting Asia with Africa benefits from its strategic and unique location, this observatory has been protected and cherished since 2004. The Aqaba Bird Observatory (ABO) stands as a haven for various bird species on their awe-inspiring migration journey between Eurasia and Africa. based on the reuse of water in a scarcity water country, It proudly claims its unique adaptation value to create this opportunity that matching between ecological and geographical characteristics as a connection point between two continents located at the second most important migratory bird route in the world, which increased its invaluable value for migratory species and the people who are interested to enjoy watching it. Step into the world of ABO, and you’ll discover a tapestry of diverse habitats, meticulously designed to entice and allure a migratory species to landing and benefit from its wonderful ecological characteristics. From the tranquil embrace of shallow and deep waters to the aromatic haven of herbal plants and the gentle rustling of trees, the elements of these habitats are harmoniously interconnecting and interacting. Together, they form a vibrant bird hub, where the birds find a beautiful and helpful resting point that supports them to rest and refuel energy during their arduous journey, to enable them to continue this journey as a great natural phenomenon. Despite the observatory having a total area of less than 0.5 square kilometers, it attracted more than 270 different species of birds representing more than 61% of the total species that have been recorded in Jordan. In this small area, the birdwatcher minimizes long travel to see some species by having a gold opportunity to sight up to 80 different species in their day tour at the optimum time of migration.

Keywords: birdwatching, resource preservation , nature protection, wetland

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