Bacalar – Mexico

Loving Bacalar, Heroes co-creating consciousness

The Mexican Caribbean, on the Quintana Roo state coast, has been for more than 5 decades, the massive tourism hub of Latin America. Currently, Quintana Roo is turning its history around, and is seriously searching for mechanisms to diminish the social, economic and psychological gaps between its residents, therefore creating the conditions for a shared prosperity. Today, Bacalar, in the south of the state, is at a critical turning point in its history: finding a balance between tourism activity and the fragile health of its lagoon ecosystem. The lagoon ecosystem of that “Magical seven colored lagoon [as it is internationally known], has a social ecosystem of vibrant citizens, businessmen and authorities with a great commitment to the common good and a shared vision: To recover the bio-physical and chemical condition of the water. With it, to create a citizen network of long-term care, through the activation of individual consciousness through science, gastronomy and art. All of them, in the search of the ecosystemic balance that allows a SUSTAINABLE development in time and space, in the lagoon and in all the surrounding ecosystem that impacts it.

Keywords: water management, gastronomy, story telling through art, community involvement, ecosystem, lagoon, community

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