Bel-Ombre – Mauritius

Pioneering a Model of Sustainable Tourism in Bel Ombre

Nestled in the South of Mauritius, Bel Ombre Village is a model of sustainable tourism and stakeholders’ engagement. Bel Ombre Territory, managed by Rogers Hospitality in collaboration with local government and other stakeholders, embarked on a transformative journey towards sustainability, addressing multiple environmental challenges through innovative initiatives. Faced with issues such as high carbon footprint, food waste generation, inadequate waste management, vulnerability to climate change, and pollution risks, Bel Ombre Territory took proactive measures to regenerate the territory and promote a circular economy. Through short circuit procurement and local buying, it reduced its carbon footprint and supported sustainable agriculture. Food waste reduction strategies, waste management seggregations, and collaborations with local craftsmen for waste upcycling showcased their commitment to sustainability. Climate change mitigation efforts included beach erosion reduction, coral nurseries, and ecological restoration with the support of NGO’s. Bel Ombre Territory’s eco-friendly practices significantly reduced pollution, embraced renewable energy, and achieved notable results such as reduced carbon footprint, minimized food waste, enhanced waste management, and increased resilience to climate change. The harmonious coexistence between natural beauty and sustainable practices exemplifies its commitment to creating a regenerative and environmentally conscious destination.

Keywords: capacity building , eco-tourism , green hospitality , shores protection, island destination

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