Bombinhas – Brazil

Sea School: (re)conneting lives

The Sea School is a program of the Municipal Department of Education of Bombinhas, aimed at public school students, during after-school hours. Since 2017, the ecological and tourist aspects of Bombinhas have been explored as part of the pedagogical proposal of the Sea School. Children and teenagers, from the fifth year of elementary school on, participate in a broad, creative, and engaged training, which includes the main local socioeconomic aspects, including artisanal fishing, mariculture, and tourism. This is stitched with ancestral knowledge through the presence of masters in various arts and crafts, such as the making of fish nets and baskets, and gastronomy. Swimming classes, environmental education, and alternative income generation complete the teaching-learning process focused on sustainability.

Keywords: tradition; education, workshops ; community, partnerships, culture preservation;

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