Braga – Portugal

Preserving Paradise: The Timeless Legacy of Bom Jesus do Monte

The Municipality of Braga has, on its territory, the monumental complex of Bom Jesus do Monte, ex- libris of the city. It is one of the grandest, the most majestic, the most symbolic and the most poetic monument built in Europe, where religious, baroque, rococo and neoclassical architecture stand out. Managing an asset of this importance does not come without its difficulties and this Good Practice Story reflects all the exhaustive work that is being done to preserve this Paradise. Bom Jesus do Monte has more than 600 years of rich history, maintain a pretty inacculate state of conversation until today. For it to be where it is today, thriving and improving everyday to become a sustainable and pleasant tourism attraction, there were several success factors that contributed to its current state.

Keywords: destination management ; sanctuary ; visitor management; preservation ; risk management

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