East Coast National Scenic Area – Taiwan

Moonlight Sea Concerts on the East Coast of Taiwan - Sustainability in Action

The East Coast National Scenic Area faces challenges as the outmigration of younger populations, slow industrial development and tourist short stay. The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration Tourism Bureau (ECNSA, the destination management authority), through the promotion of deep and sustainable tourism, connects local culture, lifestyle, natural environment, arts and humanities. Since 2015, we have been organizing the East Coast Land Art Festival. In 2016, we incorporated elements of music and hold Moonlight Sea Concerts at the Duli Visitor Center from June to September, on the days with the full moons. This event combines the unique moonlit seascape of the East Coast, diverse music and art performances, an art market, and exhibitions.

Keywords: concerts; festivals ; seasonality ; full moon; local participation; marketplaces

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