Konjic – Bosnia and Herzegovina

White Water Rafting, a Rapid Destination Management Tool

City of Konjic has great potential for tourism due to its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. It is an attractive destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located near popular tourist spots like Sarajevo, Mostar, and Dubrovnik. Tourists can enjoy exploring the city’s historic sites, such as the renovated Stone Bridge, along with engaging in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, white water rafting, kayaking, and paragliding. The Neretva River, known as the “divinity that flows,” is an important tourist symbol in Konjic. It originates in the mountainous regions of high Herzegovina, forming a unique ecosystem. Rafting on the Neretva River offers thrilling experiences for both beginners and experienced adventurers. However, the tourism sector in this area faces several challenges. There is a lack of regulation and legal framework, resulting in issues like disorderly use and access of the Neretva River, inadequate equipment, and insufficiently trained staff. Other challenges include a lack of environmental awareness, limited public-private dialogue regarding natural resources, and a lack of promotion as an attractive tourist destination. To address these issues, the Konjic Municipality (Konjic City) has recognized the importance of establishing a rafting management system and resolving the issues mentioned through public-private dialogue. These steps have led to the first steps of creating a destination management organization responsible for sustainably developing the tourism sector in Konjic. Currently, underway, the City is to draft a resolution that clearly defines the key actors, their tasks, and activities, and specifies the conditions for providing rafting services.

Keywords: educational, outdoor, environmental awareness, training, cultural heritage

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