Lagos – Portugal

Walking in Harmony: How Nature was Reclaimed with the Restoration of Meia Praia’s Dune Cordon

In the captivating story of the rehabilitation and restoration of the dune cordon of Meia Praia in Lagos, Portugal, a remarkable transformation unfolds. Faced with challenges such as damage caused by unregulated human activity, the negative impacts of climate change, ecosystem degradation, and the presence of invasive species, the municipality embarked on a comprehensive requalification project. Through meticulous planning, sustainable design, and the involvement of experts, the project successfully navigated the hurdles. Invasive species were removed, walkways were erected, and palisades were implemented to protect the dunes. Environmental education and mobility initiatives were launched, promoting responsible behavior and ensuring accessibility for all visitors. Monitoring studies provided valuable insights, and resting stations, bars and restaurants enhanced the visitor experience. The direct results were a healthier lifestyle for visitors, active contribution to dune conservation, and visible growth in the dune size. Indirectly, the project stimulated the local economy, fostered a deeper connection between people and nature and aims to inspire other destinations.

Keywords: accessibility , beach , dunes , ecosystem , conservation, rehabilitation, restoration

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