Puyuhuapi – Chile

Puyuhuapi: The empowerment of the local community as a key to sustainable development

Puyuhuapi is famous for its hot springs, which offer a relaxing and healing experience in the midst of nature. These hot springs, with therapeuticproperties, are a great attraction for visitors seeking well-being. Puyuhuapi’s culture is influenced by its history of German colonization and local traditions. Cultural events, music and gastronomy provide a glimpse of the unique identity of the community. In recent years, Puyuhuapi has demonstrated a focus on sustainable development and environmental conservation. The efforts to balance tourism with the preservation of nature have led to the creation of sustainable tourism initiatives and conservation projects, with strong citizen participation, where the local community has been actively involved in decision-making and planning. of local development. This citizen participation has contributed to the strengthening of community identity and general well-being. The warm welcome of local residents and their strong sense of community create a welcoming environment for visitors. The hospitality and the interaction with the locals are aspects that make the experience in Puyuhuapi memorable. These characteristics combine to make Puyuhuapi a destination that captures the essence of Chilean Patagonia and offers an authentic and enriching experience.

Keywords: community engagement – community action – sustainable development

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