Reserva Nacional del Titicaca – Peru

Titicaca National Reserve, preserving for the original populations of Lake Titicaca

The Titicaca National Reserve protects a representative sample of Lake Titicaca, an area with a wide biodiversity and home of native population. Currently, the Titicaca National Reserve is the only form of conservation at the Lake Titicaca ecosystem and plays a fundamental role in the conservation of biological diversity in the lake. In recent decades the tourism sector began to grow in Puno and with this, the floating islands of the Uros began to be visited more frequently by researchers, academics, religious and others. In 2006, a social conflict arose between the Uros, native Quechua and Aymara populations, and the Titicaca National Reserve, a representative of the Peruvian State, as a result of restrictive regulations on the use of totora reeds. The conflicts were eventually resolved with regulations for both parties. The aforementioned Law and its regulations promote the development of strategic alliances with local populations, such as peasant and native communities, respecting pre-existing rights, social and economic organization, which must be exercised in accordance with the objectives of the Natural Protected Area. Other laws followed to manage the destinations.

Keywords: native rights, traditional, cultural tourism, island, conflict resolution

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