Saaremaa – Estonia

Saare language – our own super-pöwer

A language is a super-power, it is the essence of culture and diversity and it gives a real sense of empowerment to express yourself in your own language. Saaremaa is a small destination within a small destination (Estonia), and we really have to and want to highlight things that make us unique. As such story telling and language is important part of sharing our story. And our good practice story is focusing on one of them, our own language – Saare dialect. Its peculiarities are drowning in the common language, but we fight back. In order for our culture, language and community to be alive and thriving we want to state to our locals and as well as to our guests that Saare language is our own super-pöwer. To empower people to learn it, use it and share that super-pöwer.

Keywords: language legacy , cultural conservation , authentic experience , storytelling

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