Santuário Histórico de Machu Picchu – Peru

Conservation Union for the historic sanctuary of Machupicchu

The Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu is a beautiful piece of the planet that not only keeps mysticism and majesty by the presence of the Inca culture, but by the species of flora and fauna that inhabit it. Before 2016, in Caminos Inka, one of the Sanctuary’s main attractions, there was waste dumped on the road, water sources and surrounding areas. This led to meetings with representatives of the tourism sector to promote the creation of the Committee of Environmental Promoters, identifying problems, solutions and those responsible for their implementation. Based on the solid waste characterization study, the protocol for the minimization and reuse of containers has been implemented with the support of kitchen staff, which is being implemented under three pillars: Responsibility, commitment and articulation; achieving a reduction of 18.7% of waste generated by the tourism activity in relation to 2016.

Keywords: solid waste reduction, stakeholder engagement, nature preservation, inca trail, waste management

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