São Miguel do Gostoso – Brazil

Agroforestry Triibo

TRIIBO Agroforestry, located in São Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil, champions regenerative agriculture and healthy food production. Founded in 2018 by John Broad and Jamile, it offers training, environmental education, and agroecological fairs. Collaborating with local entities and the DEL Tourism Program, TRIIBO fosters sustainable practices, enriching soil, biodiversity, and organic produce. This holistic approach not only preserves the environment but also enhances community well-being through a unique agritourism experience. They incorporated the community to assist in the regeneration of the land and production of organic foods via: volunteers, offering educational courses, and, teaching children about sustainable farming. Additionally, tourism was incorporated on the farm, offering education/gastronomy experiences.

Keywords: land restoration, education, agroforestry, community involvement, agriculture

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