Sipalay City – Philippines

Lakbayon (Steps) – Women Steps Towards Sustainability

The Lakbayon (‘Lakbay sa Baybayon’ or ‘Walk along the Beach’) Women’s Beach Clean-up Volunteer Project under the Sipalay City Council for Women has already reached 2,935 in 2023 or a total of 14,675 family member beneficiaries in 11 barangays. It has also significantly cleared and cleaned the beach from waste and led to the declaration of 40% of the shoreline as a conservation area for sea turtles and the 11-hectare beach and mangrove forest. Through the consistent clean-up, the beach is now the main beach tourism and recreational area of the city and venue to various local and national-level sports tourism activities.

Keywords: women empowerment, waste reduction, volunteerism, mangrove, gender

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