Terres de L´Ebre – Spain

A green infrastructure plan for the fight against climate change

In recent years the Ebro Delta has been faced with an increasingly difficult situation due to the effects of climate change and the need to organise the territory in this respect. A diagnosis has been made to ascertain what can be done and an action plan has been drawn up, taking into account the opinions of all the actors. This project is designed to promote a technical, economic and social transition aimed at achieving a sustainable exploitation model of our natural capital and to establish a stable and innovative environment across the Ebro Delta. All this will be possible with the structures and tools to transform the Ebro Delta economy based on the implementation of innovative businesses that make sustainable use of the region’s natural and human capital. The main proposed solutions can be divided into two parts. Firstly, the objective of the green infrastructure is to achieve a continuity of the naturalised systems on the Ebro Delta coast with improvements to the following: the Ebro Delta lagoons; the contribution of sediments and quality fresh water to the deltaic and fluvial ecosystems; and the green infrastructure of public parks and gardens. Secondly, the ecotourism infrastructure aims to increase the sustainable mobility network with an ecotourism function and to generate new ecotourism reception areas in the Ebro Delta.

Keywords: ebro´s delta, resource management, climate change, water management, biosphere reserve, delta

Terres de l'Ebre - SPAIN - Green Destinations Award - Gold/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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